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 Like most teenagers, I discovered tarot cards as a way to entertain myself, but as time passed and I matured, I gained a deeper understanding about the Major and Minor Arcanas, and I developed a deep affection for these 78 cards. As a professional tattoo artist of 15 years, with an ever-growing and loyal clientele, I began to pay more attention to the card artwork. I became a tarot deck collector and loved seeing how other artists portrayed their images -- one of my favorites being the Rider Waite cards, illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith, with their wonderful style and the addition of artwork for the minor arcana. It was the Rider Waite cards that inspired me to start drawing tarot card designs, employing my own artistic stylings. 

     About three years ago, I started experimenting with watercolor designs, then acrylic paints, but I wasn't happy with the results until I turned to digital art using blackwork style. At once, I felt the connection. The first image that appeared to me was The High Priestess and over time, she unveiled the rest of her card designs to me.

 In 2022 The Hidden Veil Tarot was created.

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